Anupam heads the Australia India Film Council


Anupam Sharma is one of the leading experts of Indian/Asian cinema in Australia. Specialising as an Actor and Director through bachelor’s and master’s degrees in films & theatre, Anupam has also written a number of research papers on media & films, and a thesis (with distinction) on Indian cinema from University of NSW. He was also appointed to the panel of lecturers for Film/TV at tertiary institutes in Australia and India.

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Since 1998 his team has worked on more than 97 projects which include
feature films, TV serials, music videos, and TV commercials. Working as
a consultant for Indian film stalwarts along with Australian organizations
such as state film bodies, Austrade, the Australian Tourist Commission,
Sydney City, and Ausfilm on matters relating to Indian Cinema, Anupam
has pioneered film and media links between India and Australia taking
the Indo/Australian film trade to a high profile multimillion dollar industry.

Anupam is the MD of films and casting TEMPLE (FACT) based at Fox Studios
– Sydney. FACT is the biggest and the only award winning Production Company
working between India and Australia. Moreover, FACT is currently involved
with some of the most high profile and promising feature film, documentary,
and TV projects between the two countries.

Apart from acting in plays and TVC, Anupam has directed music videos,
student documentaries, worked as the senior creative consultant for Goat
Island Film Festival (the most extensive showcase of Indian cinema in
Australia), worked as a consultant on Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge, and
has worked as an advisor on Indian Cinema for Channel 7.

Anupam heads the Australia India Film Council (a chapter of Australia
India Business Council) and has also been invited as a guest speaker at
SPAA 2002, the Cineposium of AFCI (the international film commisionars
seminar), Asia Pacific Film Festival, Bollywood on Bondi, and the prestigious
FRAMES conference in India.

Anupam is currently directing three documentaries titled “Bollywood
Downunder” shortlisted for Documart at AIDC 2004, “Almost Famous – Deon’s
Story” shortlisted for pitching competition at SPAA 2003 and “Bollywood
Bazaar” (developed with assistance from NSW FTO), and producing the first
Indo Australian private coproductions “THE FILM”(Developed with assistance
from AFC) which has been written and being produced by Australia’s leading
Producer John Winter and “An Indian Summer”, the emotional story of an
Australian kid in India in 1975 being produced by John Winter.

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