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Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Succeed


You’ve been in the business for so long practicing a marketing strategy that aided the company to be in a steady position, wondering why you haven’t got into a higher level yet. Marketing strategies should be updated or changed if necessary. For one company to expand, it needs a better version of everything all the time. Remaining the same is an okay thing, but to be a trendsetter or to be the company to beat in the market is far better than going steady.

If you think you’ve been doing good marketing strategies, take a look at these common mistakes and you might see something to be guilty of.

Not Seeing the Light on Social Media

Are you still one of those few who considers social media as a total waste of time? You should check out successful businesses’ marketing strategies and discover that a large number of new clients are from their social media accounts. One reason why your company is on a steady rating despite having a good product is due to the fact that consumer tends to do their research about what they want online. If you don’t exist there, you would never be one of the choices to pick from.

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Looking Too Far

Don’t look too far when you’re conducting a research for your target market. Instead of studying other country’s preference, why don’t you first start analyzing what the people around you would like, people who would most likely enter your store and buy something? As you get farther from your target, the chances of generating sales and gathering clients get smaller. Always focus on the nearest market first before making rounds on other areas.

Ignoring the Happy Customers

Happy customers are the result of your efforts. Don’t just let them go after a one-time transaction. Take advantage of their appreciation by making them feel appreciated as well. When you have a satisfied customer, include them in your future strategy innovation with the hope of turning them into advocates.Some companies think that they could survive even losing some happy customers, but what successful ones do is to feed that satisfaction and in return consider those customers as a freelance advertisement.

Not Getting the Public Involved

You are too meticulous about many matters that you end up suspecting bad luck from your customers. When the customers trust you, you could carefully trust them too. One of the secrets, why other businesses are continuously welcoming clients, is because of referrals from satisfied consumers.The good feedbacks are spreading because more clients are eager to bring someone to experience what they’ve experienced.  Motivate them and inspire them to somewhat build an empire of their own, in that way they would feel persevered as you are.

Cutting Down Too Much

Never let your company go down the drain just because your strategy is to be the cheapest price in the entire area. Always take into great consideration your business needs. Don’t sacrifice your income just because you want to gain many clients even if it means losing your business. Build your marketing plan with an aim to garner clients and earn income but not to lose income to gain clients. read more……

Marketing Strategies for the Practical


Having a good Marketing plan is important on running a business or practicing your profession, though there are available services that could do the job for you, it’s sometimes impractical for those who are just starters, on a tight budget, or freelancers.

Here are simple tricks and tips you could actually do to save yourself from marketing fees.

Be Sociable

To build a wider circle of probable clients won’t be that hard if you welcome people into your existence, open yourself to the crowd and develop good ties. When you converse with them, open up about your business or the services you are offering and do a brief sales talk; but avoid making it sound too persuasive, you want to get their trust and attention and not to annoy them. If you are not yet ready to get out of your shell, you could start using the web. Create social media accounts and join groups, advertise your business on your account by posting flyers or brochures, you could also send them mails introducing your services.


Keep Persevered

Print out flyers or brochures for your business or service, be creative enough to make it noticeable and moment worthy. Readers usually has less than 5 seconds of attention span when looking at a flyer so make sure that everything you put in there is catchy enough for the reader. Carry copies of those in your bag so you could give it out when you are travelling.


Getting the Patrons Involved

Customers who trusts you are as important as your income, your company runs because they exist. There is no strategy as effective as positive feedbacks being spread by people who are satisfied with your service, acknowledging their efforts could go a long way. Establish a networking or affiliate program within your company; offer them discounts or coupon as perks for bringing a new customer on your circle.


Be of Help

Join organizations or forums that share the same interest as your offered commodity or service, by doing this, you directly welcomed yourself to possible targets that you know would surely understand and appreciate the commodity you are offering. Be helpful to those who are needing advice or assistance related to your service; this is the perfect time where you could prove to them that you know your craft and they could trust you with it.


Use the Perks of Your Community

Develop good relationship with business owners around your area, be a patron yourself. Nobody could understand your struggle better than those who are going the same path as yours, make them feel appreciated the way you wanted your business to be treated. To make it a fair trade, you could ask them if they have brochures or flyers so you could show it to your acquaintances and in return you’ll give your advertisement as well. It’s a mutual situation where both parties are benefited.


Be Business Card Ready

After all the hassle and efforts of expanding your circle, never forget to give out your Business Card. You may talk to the person on a long period but without handing out your business card there would be a little chance that everything you said would be remembered, give out your business cards to people whom you talked to so they could contact you when they decide to avail your commodity or if there are questions they wanted to be clarified. However, you should always keep in mind that your business card’s appearance is a direct description of who you are as a person or as a businessman.


Anupam heads the Australia India Film Council


Anupam Sharma is one of the leading experts of Indian/Asian cinema in Australia. Specialising as an Actor and Director through bachelor’s and master’s degrees in films & theatre, Anupam has also written a number of research papers on media & films, and a thesis (with distinction) on Indian cinema from University of NSW. He was also appointed to the panel of lecturers for Film/TV at tertiary institutes in Australia and India.

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Since 1998 his team has worked on more than 97 projects which include
feature films, TV serials, music videos, and TV commercials. Working as
a consultant for Indian film stalwarts along with Australian organizations
such as state film bodies, Austrade, the Australian Tourist Commission,
Sydney City, and Ausfilm on matters relating to Indian Cinema, Anupam
has pioneered film and media links between India and Australia taking
the Indo/Australian film trade to a high profile multimillion dollar industry.

Anupam is the MD of films and casting TEMPLE (FACT) based at Fox Studios
– Sydney. FACT is the biggest and the only award winning Production Company
working between India and Australia. Moreover, FACT is currently involved
with some of the most high profile and promising feature film, documentary,
and TV projects between the two countries.

Apart from acting in plays and TVC, Anupam has directed music videos,
student documentaries, worked as the senior creative consultant for Goat
Island Film Festival (the most extensive showcase of Indian cinema in
Australia), worked as a consultant on Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge, and
has worked as an advisor on Indian Cinema for Channel 7.

Anupam heads the Australia India Film Council (a chapter of Australia
India Business Council) and has also been invited as a guest speaker at
SPAA 2002, the Cineposium of AFCI (the international film commisionars
seminar), Asia Pacific Film Festival, Bollywood on Bondi, and the prestigious
FRAMES conference in India.

Anupam is currently directing three documentaries titled “Bollywood
Downunder” shortlisted for Documart at AIDC 2004, “Almost Famous – Deon’s
Story” shortlisted for pitching competition at SPAA 2003 and “Bollywood
Bazaar” (developed with assistance from NSW FTO), and producing the first
Indo Australian private coproductions “THE FILM”(Developed with assistance
from AFC) which has been written and being produced by Australia’s leading
Producer John Winter and “An Indian Summer”, the emotional story of an
Australian kid in India in 1975 being produced by John Winter.

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Top 5 Richest Businessmen In The World

Richest Businessmen

Do you want to become a billionaire?

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If you do, then you have to know who are the billionaires around the world and get inspiration from them. They are billionaires for a reason. They know how to play the game.

We all know that the business industry is like a chess, one wrong move then you get to suffer the consequences. You should know what piece to move as the life of your business depends on your decision-making ability.

Do you know the top 3 billionaires around the world?

Who are they? Check out the list below.

  1. Bill Gates
    Bill Gates is a popular American business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation along with Paul Allen.
  2. Amancio Ortega
    Amancio Ortega is a Spanish business tycoon who founded the Inditex fashion group, popular for its chain of Zara clothing. He is the wealthiest retailer in the world.
  3. Warren Buffet
    is the second wealthiest person in the United States. His total net worth is $81.1 billion. discover more

Safety at Workplaces


Most accidents at work places are sometimes as a result of carelessness. These accidents can be avoided if the following measures can be taken at the places of work. Employers and employees attitude towards accidents also contribute greatly towards preventing them from occurring.

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Avoid the Hazards

Accidents at work are sometimes caused by a complex combination of unsafe employee behavior and unsafe working conditions. It is also critical that organizations consider the safety of members of the public who enter the company property. Employers should give thought to preparing for emergency health hazards. Employees and their families benefit from safety and health because their incomes are protected. read more……