Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Succeed


You’ve been in the business for so long practicing a marketing strategy that aided the company to be in a steady position, wondering why you haven’t got into a higher level yet. Marketing strategies should be updated or changed if necessary. For one company to expand, it needs a better version of everything all the time. Remaining the same is an okay thing, but to be a trendsetter or to be the company to beat in the market is far better than going steady.

If you think you’ve been doing good marketing strategies, take a look at these common mistakes and you might see something to be guilty of.

Not Seeing the Light on Social Media

Are you still one of those few who considers social media as a total waste of time? You should check out successful businesses’ marketing strategies and discover that a large number of new clients are from their social media accounts. One reason why your company is on a steady rating despite having a good product is due to the fact that consumer tends to do their research about what they want online. If you don’t exist there, you would never be one of the choices to pick from.

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Looking Too Far

Don’t look too far when you’re conducting a research for your target market. Instead of studying other country’s preference, why don’t you first start analyzing what the people around you would like, people who would most likely enter your store and buy something? As you get farther from your target, the chances of generating sales and gathering clients get smaller. Always focus on the nearest market first before making rounds on other areas.

Ignoring the Happy Customers

Happy customers are the result of your efforts. Don’t just let them go after a one-time transaction. Take advantage of their appreciation by making them feel appreciated as well. When you have a satisfied customer, include them in your future strategy innovation with the hope of turning them into advocates.Some companies think that they could survive even losing some happy customers, but what successful ones do is to feed that satisfaction and in return consider those customers as a freelance advertisement.

Not Getting the Public Involved

You are too meticulous about many matters that you end up suspecting bad luck from your customers. When the customers trust you, you could carefully trust them too. One of the secrets, why other businesses are continuously welcoming clients, is because of referrals from satisfied consumers.The good feedbacks are spreading because more clients are eager to bring someone to experience what they’ve experienced.  Motivate them and inspire them to somewhat build an empire of their own, in that way they would feel persevered as you are.

Cutting Down Too Much

Never let your company go down the drain just because your strategy is to be the cheapest price in the entire area. Always take into great consideration your business needs. Don’t sacrifice your income just because you want to gain many clients even if it means losing your business. Build your marketing plan with an aim to garner clients and earn income but not to lose income to gain clients. read more


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